DIY decanter stopper trade card display

This is a great way to repurpose decanter stoppers that are missing their bottles and it doesn’t matter if the stoppers aren’t perfect.  These holders aren’t as strong as the DIY craft wire postcard holder but are ideal for displaying small trade cards, paper ephemera or pretty visiting cards.

You can pick up old stoppers cheaply online or from vintage markets.

Look for stoppers which have flat tops so they can stand on their head without falling over.

I find this works better with thinner gauge craft wire, I used 1mm wire for mine.

Take a length of wire (I used approx 40cm) and wrap the middle of the length of wire twice around the tube to create a double loop, put a few twists in the wire close to the tube to secure it.  If you’re not sure, this is the same technique as the DIY craft wire postcard holder

Slide the double loops off the tube and wrap the loose ends around the stem of the decanter, with the double loops positioned so they are peeking out at the top of the stem.

This is what mine looks like from the back, it doesn’t need to be neat as it’s hidden at the back!


Choose your trade cards and display on a shelf, in a display cabinet or you could place cards back to back and use them as a table centrepiece.

Instead of decanter stoppers, you could try cupboard doorknobs.

If you don’t have any trade cards you could cut up greetings cards or download vintage graphics and print onto card instead.