DIY photo corner postcard display

This is a really simple way to display postcards and it’s so easy to switch to another postcard when you fancy a change!

To display a vintage standard sized postcard (13.5 x 8.5 cm) choose a frame that fits at least a 5 x 7 inch photo, I used an Ikea Ribba frame (13 x 18 cm).  You can use any patterned paper but this project works best with thicker quality paper or cardstock.

You can easily find paper photo corners online, they’re inexpensive and come in a variety of colours.

  1. Place your postcard on different patterned papers to find one that gives the look you want.  I really love scrappy vintage florals and decided on this scrapbook paper ‘Ladylike’ from the Oh So Lovely Collection, KAISERCRAFT.
  2. Carefully remove the glass and backing board from your frame, place the backing board face down on your paper and draw around the edges with a pencil.  Cut the paper to this size using scissors or a craft knife and metal ruler.
  3. Check your cut piece of paper against the face of the backing board to check it’s the same size and trim if needed.
  4. Place your postcard on the newly cut out paper so it is roughly in the centre then use the ruler to measure the distance from the edge of the postcard to the edge of the paper on each side, this is going to be your visible patterned border.  Try to make the borders as symmetrical as possible (remember this is art not science so don’t stress about a little squiffyness).  For the Ribba frame my borders each measured  around 2 cm.
  5. When you are happy that your postcard is central on the paper, carefully mark the top 2 corners with pencil.
  6. Remove a photo corner from the adhesive backing and gently stick it down against your marked corner, repeat on the other side.  Don’t press down too firmly at this stage in case they need repositioning.
  7. Check your postcard fits neatly into the top photo corners, if they’re not quite straight, very gently lift the photo corners and reposition.  When you are happy with them press down firmly to create a strong adhesion.
  8. For the bottom corners, I find it easier to gently push the photo corner onto the corner of the postcard then press it down into position on the paper
  9. Give each corner a final press, then step back and admire your creation!
    You can have so much fun experimenting with different backing papers – try wallpaper samples, quality gift wrap or old book pages, and the best thing is you can change the postcard or backing paper for a totally different look when you fancy a change!