Happy New Year to everyone!

Butterfly girls vintage photos

5 January 2018

I have to admit that once Boxing Day is finished, I can’t wait to take down all the Christmas decorations in readiness for starting another year.  The beginning of January is a time to reflect on the year just past but, more importantly to an optimist like me, it’s a time to focus on the future, make plans and dream of what might be.

Each Christmas my lovely mum buys us each a calendar and we have already started to circle dates with ideas for catching up with distant friends, exploring parts of Scotland as yet unvisited and thinking about how we want to spend precious time off work.

This tinted postcard of a girl in a butterfly dress features one of my favourite Edwardian child models, and isn’t this a great cabinet card? A group of girls all proudly showing off their butterfly and flower fairy costumes.

I think butterflies are a great analogy of how quickly time passes and how we should strive to become the best version of ourselves.  Just like these sweet girls, spread your butterfly wings, take to new unchartered skies and embrace the gift of a new year.